Knight Oil-Thirsty and Oil-Sorbent Filter Bags

Knight Oil-Thirsty Liquid Filter Bags

This bag is the answer for removing trace oil and grease from an industrial stream of aqueous-based fluids. To better meet your needs, The Knight Oil-Thirsty Bag can be designed to remove from 2 to 16 lbs of oil by increasing layers or adding Oil Thirsty strips which add to the surface area and increase efficiency, structural strength and filter life.

Our Oil-Thirsty Bag is designed with a cover for the prevention of fiber migration and includes reinforced lift handles to facilitate its removal. If waste storage is a problem, the Oil-Thirsty Bag can be completely disposed of by incineration.

The ideal oil removal system includes the combination of the Knight Oil-Thirsty Bag, which acts as an oil load pre-filter, and the Knight High Efficiency Bag (KHE 300 series), which acts as the final polish filter.

Knight Oil-Sorbant Liquid Filter Bags

  • Micron-rated and able to remove oil from aqueous-based fluids
  • Standard with reinforced lift handle, for easy removal
  • Knight Oil-Sorbant (KOS), size 2 bag, can remove approximately two pounds of oil and is available in many sizes
  • Oil-Sorbant stuffing increases the surface area and extends the lifetime of your bag without affecting the flow rate
  • Material is available by the pound (for testing purposes) or in standard 19 lb. bundles
  • With the assistance of a Knight representative, you can customize these bags to meet your specifications.


Although the information contained in this bulletin is accurate to the best of our knowledge, the Knight Corporation makes no guarantee as to the results that may be obtained and assumes no obligation or responsibility because of this information.